Private Mandate

i-VCAP provides Islamic fund management services by on a private arrangement basis. The type of private mandate arrangements can be summarised as follows

Our Private Mandate seeks to invest in Shariah-compliant investment instruments, targeting those that offer steady dividend income stream while giving a medium to long term capital appreciation. We have the capability to offer private mandate services that covers equity, fixed-income/Sukuk or Money market or combination of these asset classes.

  • Discretionary or Non-Discretionary
  • Active or Passive

For Discretionary mandate, i-VCAP shall be given the full authority in managing the fund. For Non-Discretionary mandate, the client shall set its own terms and scope of investment with strict execution based on its instructions.

A Basic Private Mandate Arrangement must have the following features:

  • Fund management activities: Managed and executed by in-house portfolio manager.
  • Underlying assets/securities: Physical, Shariah-compliant of local equities, Sukuk, money market instruments or combinations of these.

An Advanced Private Mandate Arrangement entails any one or combination of the following:

  • Fund management activities: Advised and/or executed by external portfolio manager
  • Underlying assets/securities:
    • Foreign-domiciled;
    • Commodities;
    • Shariah-compliant derivaties;
    • Real estate; or
    • Any investment in structured products and/or more sophisticated instruments.

We will structure a portfolio to meet client's investment objective and risk profile in accordance to the Shariah.

  • Tailor made porfolio to client's requirements
  • Actively managed portfolio by Fund Manager
  • For clients who prefer a customised porfolio
  • Monthly report to clients detailing the investment porfolio